How To Express Must And Should In Thai

There Are Particular times that you Want
As an instance, once you would like to say
it is time you ought to sleep today or
you must visit the toilet today.
Well, to state That You มรภ.สวนสุนันทา Need to do some thing,
You’d state something such as,”Pom dtong…”.
To state you ought to do some thing,
you’d state,”Pom kuan ja…”.
The Way Expressing”should” with dtong
To State”should” in Thai, only put a yolk following the
Thai word dtong to say what you need to do. Listed here would be
several instances to illustrate how it is possible to utilize dtong (must)
in numerous scenarios.
I have to go today.
I have to create a letter now.
You have to return back again.
I have to head to the toilet today.
From the First instance, you’d detect
Dieow nee
means today in Thai and also laew means today.
See the term nian from the 2 nd example? Do you remember what’s rian? By simply changing the initial letter you may
Get nian so to publish in Thai.
Jot maai means correspondence in Thai. Thus, nian jot maai
means??? To compose a letter! Good, you are advancing ! :–RRB-
Are you aware what’s kow from another instance?
Kow only means rice however in this specific
circumstance this means dinner. Why? Back in Thailand,
rice is the basic food therefore when you state
gin kow, it’s understood that you intend to eat (meals ).
From the 4th instance, notice the Term maa (come) and also
Additionally observe that the t by the conclusion of
the sentence. The Thai word is employed to soften or
produce a sentence polite.
Additionally see that the Thai term in the past instance,
Hong suam this means toilet. If you’d
Like to understand where is the toilet, it’s possible to easily ask

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