Sports Betting – Is it Fixed?


Grantland Rice said many wise things throughout his legendary sports writing career. The wisest:”It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s the way you play the match .”

That goes double for handicappers. Haralabos Voulgaris has gained a considerable amount of money gambling on NBA games. However, the Tim Donaghy scandal has left him think hard about his livelihood. “I spent a significant quantity of time poring over old matches Donaghy reffed and watching how I was changed,” Voulgaris told TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott this past June.

“It had been 토토사이트 disturbing plus it kind of turned me off to gambling.”

The disturbance is twofold. It has regarding the ethics of sport, however it also has to do with the ethics of sport gambling. When a game is fixed, it is no longer a game – nor could it be gambling. It’s only a crime.

In cases like this, Donaghy has pled guilty to two federal charges of conspiracy to participate in cable fraud and transmitting betting information throughout interstate trade. Neither charge deals specifically with mending matches – Donaghy confessed simply to selling”inside information” about just two NBA games he officiated during the 2006-07 season. But prosecutors state Donaghy also bet on matches he worked, also Voulgaris is probably the many who have been convinced those games were fixed.

That really is only the newest in a long, sad history of gambling scandals that litter the pages of history. The following four notable instances involved demonstrated manipulation of games and connections with criminal elements:

Seven members of this team are banned for life by Major League Baseball, including the famous”Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

1951: Basketball players in four New York-area schools are shrouded in a pointshaving scandal. This year old NCAA winners, the Kentucky Wildcats, are all suspended the following season for point-shaving. Overall, 20 players and 14 bettors are still convicted.

Nine games have been adjusted; members of the Lucchese crime family are included in the strategy.

Additional referees and players have been implicated; two of the 13 matches under evaluation are confirmed fixed.

Other cases of suspected match fixing are on the novels but have to be shown. The most damaging scandal outside the Donaghy investigation involves professional tennis. Nikolay Davydenko remains under distress to get a 2007 weight reduction loss in Poland into Martin Vassallo Arguello; Davydenko had been the top seed for the championship, while Vassallo was ranked No. 87. London-based book maker Betfair received an extremely strange amount of funds on Arguello throughout the game and voided all stakes.

So far, the investigation led by the ATP (and assisted by information from Betfair and also other bookmakers) has uncovered 4-5 suspicious matches, including eight at Wimbledon. Five Italian players have been suspended and fined thus far. Davydenko has not yet been charged and maintains both his innocence and of his counterparts.

The ATP evaluation is in contrast to the NBA’s tackling of the Donaghy situation. Commissioner David Stern is under fire for portraying the disgraced referee as a rogue officer who listened alone; Donaghy has claimed otherwise to national researchers. This is really a sport where referees are regularly criticized for showing favoritism, and at which teams appear to reduce on purpose toward the end of the summer season as a way to better their chances in the draft lottery. Any failure to give transparency fuels conspiracy theorists that believe in widespread game-fixing made by Stern himself to optimize league profits.

There’s another contrast between your tennis and basketball scandals which points directly at the core of the problem. Betfair functions in a country where sports gambling is legal, widespread and regulated. Anti-gaming legislation in united states only functions to drive the further underground, and the NBA contributes to this with its passionate public stance against gambling.

This environment provides the dark corners where anything could happen. Unless the NBA opens up those corners to a full and fair investigation, its authenticity will only suffer, and sports fans and players alike can turn their attention elsewhere – just as they have such as boxing. Surely Mr. Stern does not need the NBA to suffer the same fate because the sport Grantland Rice once lionized into a rapt audience in the millions.