Wood Or Plastic – Choosing the Best Cornhole Boards


It’s not always easy to find the best Cornhole boards, but with a little bit of looking you can get some really great ones – and you won’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive ones. A lot of people make mistakes and assume that the best Cornhole boards are also the most expensive Cornhole boards, but that’s not really true.

The best bean bag toss boards are the ones that work well for you, based on what you like. There’s also a big debate between wood or plastic for these boards, since wood has obviously been around much longer but plastic has its advantages. Wood is for traditionalists and people who aren’t interested in playing the game in a way that wouldn’t seem ‘natural’ to them. People who buy plastic corn toss boards generally do so because they think that they will last much longer cornhole distance.

Plastic holds up to the elements and can take rain better than wood, but most people bring their Cornhole game sets inside when the weather is bad, so that might not be a factor. One reason that some people think that the best Cornhole boards are made from wood is because those boards are heavier in weight and do not move around as much. Many people who buy wood boards do it because they take their Cornhole set around to family gatherings, tailgating parties, and other events and they don’t want to be ashamed of using plastic boards.

For those that do not want a big, solid, heavy board that most people prefer to play on, they can choose plastic. For them plastic boards are definitely the best Cornhole boards. People who want a true players type of board, though, may think that the wooden boards are the best Cornhole boards because they’re the original way that the game was played. No matter which one you prefer there are plenty of options for you, and some people even own both for the convenience and versatility that it gives them.

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